Our studios

A professional studio is the ideal place for recording all kinds of high-end content. Use our studio in the middle of Amsterdam or in Hilversum in collaboration with NEP.

The Marineterrein in Amsterdam

PnP Studio Marineterrein

Our green key studio in the center of Amsterdam is perfect for recording webinars, live streams or roundtable sessions. Rent it basic or use technology and personnel.


Basic rent

  • Lighting (Softbox + LED)
  • Green key background
  • TVs for presentation and viewing screen

Full day

€600,- excl. VAT.

Half day (max. 5 hours)

€350,- excl. VAT.

Rent including technology

  • 2 HD Remote cameras
  • Lighting (Softbox + LED)
  • Switching technology
  • Switching technician 
  • Green key background or solid dark background
  • TVs for presentation and viewing screen
  • Stream via existing platforms of your choice (for example Zoom, Youtube or Facebook)

Full day

€1900,- excl. VAT.

Half day (max. 5 hours)

€1600,- excl. VAT.

Complementary services

  • Sound engineer, to let more than one speaker speak at once
  • Branded webinar platform
  • Your own secure platform
  • Chat box
  • Technician
  • Report
  • VOD playback in mp4 afterwards

Full day

On request

Half day (max. 5 hours)

On request

Additional options

  • Branded webinar platform
  • Sound engineer, necessary for multiple speakers at once
  • Moderator
  • Producer
  • Editors, let someone think along and write about the content
  • Catering service
  • Speakers and presenters
  • Speaker guidance
  • Audio booth 

Studio specs

  • Area of ​​95 square meters, height of 7 meters
  • Footbridge at 5 meters height
  • With cameras, monitors and tripods
  • Make-up and dressing room
  • Catering option

Floor plan

Hilversum Studios

By making information visual, your story comes across stronger to the targeted group. 

Target your group We can make this possible by using Augmented Reality in the Hilversum studios, in collaboration with our worldwide leading technology partner NEP.