Learning Glass Studio

Turn your back on complicated technology, not your audience. Presenting behind Learning Glass is the most intuitive way to quickly create effective training videos.

Instructions that draw you in.

Few explanations are more engaging than a face-to-face conversation. Technology should never get in the way of that. The simplicity of the solution allows you to draw and explain with ease. Quickly visualise complex models, systems or diagrams. Without ever looking away from your audience.

Present more naturally.

Research shows that body language is critical for effective communication. Learning Glass videos allow you to convey gestures and facial expressions since you always face your viewers.

Show your audience what matters.

Shifting your gaze, between relevant content and the camera, helps your audience know where to look. This provides valuable context to verbal explanations, making them easier to understand.

Make people remember more.

When showing premade graphics, people are often overwhelmed by the amount of information. If you instead draw an explanation from the ground up, people will remember it in more detail.